Why Drivers Choose DADC ??

" I have had nothing but good comments from clients on the DADC products, everyone that has used or seen the product absolutely loves them and can´t believe the ease of operation of the power assisted controls. "

-  Troy Rowe, TBR Car Bus Boat Repair

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Dealer Network

A network of trusted professionals

At DADC, we know it can be difficult to locate the right mobility services you require close to home. That is why we maintain a network of dealers across the country ready to work with us to install your new DADC hand control.

At DADC, we often hit the road to perform custom installs on special cars. In the past few years, we have traveled to Oregon, New Hampshire, Indiana, Florida, Texas, Georgia, Delaware, Arizona and California, as well as our own backyard of Northern Virginia and Maryland to perform custom installs on everything from ATVs to Maseratis, Audis, Mercedes, BMWs and Infinitis.

Please contact us to review dealer options.

Reclaim your right to independence on the road today. Contact DADC today at (888) 762-1046 or dadc500@drivingaids.com