Why Drivers Choose DADC ??

"It is difficult to explain to someone without Multiple Sclerosis. With my DADC hand control, I get in my car and can enjoy the drive. No tension, no panic wondering if this will be the light I go through because I can't find the brake pedal. I can go places and do things like I used to, and I'm not exhausted when I get home."

-  Steve Hart, Falls Church, Virginia

drving aids


Hand controls that are reliable, attractive and affordable

At DADC, our philosophy is simple: deliver the best driving experience possible. Our hand controls are designed to become one with your car, so you are not driving a hand control you are driving your car.

Quality Materials and Reduced Maintenance

We use quality materials, including durable stainless steel for an attractive finished product. We use self-lubricating components to eliminate maintenance, squeaks and grease stains on clothes.

Less Fatigue, Less Discomfort

Holding the DADC hand control in your hand feels light and natural, which is why our clients prefer it. Our ergonomic design is an extension of the bodyís natural responses to reduce fatigue, especially on long distance drives or in stop and go traffic.

Road Tested to Racing Standards

Our founderís son, Roger, is a racer, so when it came to design, it was important for William to build a hand control that delivered on the racetrack not only the road. The patented vacuum assist provides better throttle control, especially in tight turns or on bumpy roads.

Protect your Automotive Investment, Share with Pedal Pushing Drivers

DADC hand controls fit a wide range of vehicles with little or no cutting to the dashboard. Our cable operated throttle control means a cockpit free of clutter and unencumbered access for you and your pedal pushing family and friends.

Custom Installs

When it comes to their car, our clients are passionate; they want the independence a quality hand control provides combined with the beauty of their investment. At DADC, we often hit the road to perform custom installs on special cars. In the past few years, we have traveled to Oregon, New Hampshire, Indiana, Florida, Texas, Georgia, Delaware, Arizona and California, as well as our own backyard of Northern Virginia and Maryland to perform custom installs on everything from ATVs to Maseratis, Audis, Mercedes, BMWs and Infinitis.

Our mission at DADC is to understand your preference and partner you with the best hand control available to support your driving goals. What is your preference?


DADC 500 Twist

Vaccume assisted, motorcycle styled twist handle for throttle and push for brakes.

  • Precise fingertip operation
  • Reduced range of motion required to operate
  • Eliminates discomfort and fatigue

DADC 500 Push Pull

Vaccume assisted, traditional push-pull handle, pull for gas, push for brake.

  • Reduced range of motion required to operate
  • An options for drivers considering expensive electronic controls

DADC 500 Manual Push Pull

Traditional push-pull handle, pull for gas, push for brake.

  • Quick, light action and smooth response

DADC 500 Manual Push Rock

Rock back for gas and push for brake.

  • Avoid confusion between brake and acceleration

DADC Brake Only

Traditional push-pull handle, push for brake.

  • Access to brake without moving the foot

DADC Turn Signal Adapter

Operate the Turn Signal control from the right side of the wheel

  • Lightweight Aluminium
  • Mounts to turn signal wand
  • Left and right mounting option

DADC Key Tee

Developed for people with Rheumatiod Arthritis. Fits in tight spaces and gives hurting hands leverage on the key.

  • Fits most any key
  • Effortless key-turn, reduced hand strain
  • Improves leverage
  • Reduces Pain

DADC Game Wheel

Enjoy the action of online simulated driving and racing.

  • Operate gas and brake from the hand control instead of the joystick
  • Share your game wheel with pedal pushing family and friends

Tailor to your Taste

At DADC, we can also tailor your selected hand control with a mix of unique metals, woods and embellishments, as well as mounting styles, to compliment your car's interior and suite your taste.

  • Custom tiger maple wood handle

  • Custom console-mount

Reclaim your right to independence on the road today. Contact DADC today at (888) 762-1046
or dadc500@drivingaids.com